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Gm Rules!
Huynh4everDate: Saturday, 01.14.2012, 6:59 AM | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
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1- Event:
- You are not allowed to give more than 10 slime erasers PER event.
- An event must consist of 5 people or more.
- You must ask the owner prior to event creation.
- Guild specific events are prohibited.

2- Banning:
- If you see a hacker, Ban him and report on forum..
- Banning a fellow GM or Administrator is strictly forbidden.
- Do not ban a non-Hacking user without a report on the forum, which need to be accepted by the owners.

3- Items:
- Giving an unreleased non-player custom item is strictly forbidden
-GM and/or Donator items are to stay as GM or Donator only.
- Non rare NX are to be given for free, not by cost of meso, gold maple leaves, or other currencies.
- 10 items is the max limit of items you are able to give.
- A medal should be somewhere around the 15 slime eraser range.
- If you are willing to give a non-NX item away (regardless of rarity), speak with the Administrator beforehand.

4- Sin:
- If failure to abide with rules enforced by GM or Administrator, use !dc <name> for disconnection or !jail <name> to permanently jail the user until removed by GM or Administrator.
- If user does not follow after doing the above commands, speak with the admin.

5- Spawning:
- Do not spawn custom monsters, especially without a person to restart the server.
- Do not spawn large amounts of monsters as it will potentially lag out the server and the VPS.
- Do not use the !pmob command, if you did by accident, tell an administrator or server manager to remove it.

6- Help:
- If a new player asks for help, help, but do not abuse this to a large extent (leveling, giving MSIs, etc.).
- You must at least attempt to help new players out in the chatbox.
- No helping them train!

7- Job and Responsibility:
- As a GM, you must follow rules here and rules made specifically for you by the Administrator.
- Do your best to make this server the best. (We wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!)
- If an administrator tells you to do something, and if it's too hard, just say you can't do it as it is not to your ability.
- If your job is a coder or one that does graphics, if you say you can't at the majority of the time, you risk being demoted.
- Do not announce something that you know or have a feeling you won't complete.

8- Insulting:
- You are not to insult any user, regardless of race, sex, or gender.
- If a user insults you, you may jail the user.
- If you believe the user deserves a ban, ask the Administrator.

9- Chat Box:
- If one spams emoticons, ban for an hour.
- If one insults the server or you, ban forever (if you: 2 hours).
- If one advertises his/her server, ban forever.
- If one asks a question you find amazingly stupid, answer it regardless of how stupid it can be.
- If one has GM or Owner in his/her name, continuously kick user until name changes.
- Do not ban or kick user for absolutely no reason or valid reason.

10- Strictly Forbidden:
- Do not use any hacking programs, editing material (WZ edit), different files, especially without an administrator's consent or knowledge.
- Do not continuously beg to the point where one will rip his/her hair out.
- Do not purposely give more work to the Owners, they are pretty busy already.

12- Last Words:
- If you can't deal with the idiocy, deal with it, be cool and friendly with other users (or at least attempt to).
- If a GM does not follow any of the rules above, you are under very thin ice.
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