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GM App is Closed~

If you want, you can apply for GM... because its a new server. we need GMs that can wz edit and stuff! So remember to apply on forums! Good Luck to all of you.

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and i'm frosty lol

Guys Dont Post this here Post this in the Forum

5 Chee, and 18 and i would like to be a GM...Ive been a GM once(sorry i cant remember the name of the server) when i was 13.

I am 18, and I am very mature. I know how to be a GM, as I have done so before on other MS servers.

I used to play MS as a LFGM in Maplestory the starter GM so i know most of the editting stuff + the ban and edit charactor

Well, I watched a youtube video on how to .Wz edit, I'm excellent at photoshop, and my internet is really fats so I'll be able to be in-game and help come up with new items if need be.

I am KechCow

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